NEBA of Connecticut


NEBA Top Ten 2017 Classic Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the NEBA Top Ten Teams!!

The following ten Teams will compete in the 2017 Classic.

1 - Mark Condron - Jess Caraballo
2 - Greg Peterson - Randy Peterson
3 - John Knowles - Mike Rezendes
4 - Robert Pepe - Scott Garrison
5 - Dave Maiorano - Garrett Kruger
6 - Bob Tomasini - Rich Tomasini
7 - Richard Baker - Mike Levelle
8 - Bill Slavis - John Ehrhardt
9 - Ed Mastrianno - Maris Mastrianno
10 - Kevin Rose Jr. - Todd Rose

Congratulations to all that qualified!!

The NEBA of Connecticut is committed to providing a series of quality tournaments to all members of the NEBA organization. Through our extensive trail, we provide a method of advancement to reach the overall NEBA Championship. With a focus on Conservation, a quality tournament trail, the NEBA of Connecticut proves to be the premier fishing organization in the state.

Contact Information

John Bourdeau 203-565-9142 President
Mark Wilkes 203-948-7271 Tournament Director

2017 Welcome Letter

Team Cover Letter