NEBA of Connecticut


NEBA Top Ten 2016 Classic Qualifiers!

Congratulations to the NEBA Top Ten Teams!!

The following ten Teams will compete in the 2016 Classic.

1 - Chuck Caye – Bill Pease
2 - John Knowles – Mike Rezendes
3 - Bob Tomasini – Rich Tomasini
4 - Justin Mesick – Reed Johnson
5 - Dan Luman – Steve McGahan
6 - Kevin Rose – Todd Rose
7 - Alan Guite – Jerry Hammond
8 - Paul Mayo – Tiffany Mayo
9 - John Bourdeau – Dave Schmeer
10 - Greg Peterson – Randy Peterson

Congratulations to all that qualified!!

The NEBA of Connecticut is committed to providing a series of quality tournaments to all members of the NEBA organization. Through our extensive trail, we provide a method of advancement to reach the overall NEBA Championship. With a focus on Conservation and Youth programs, a quality tournament trail, the NEBA of Connecticut proves to be the premier fishing organization in the state.

Contact Information

John Bourdeau 203-565-9142 President
Mark Wilkes 203-948-7271 Tournament Director

NEBA of Connecticut and the
Connecticut B.A.S.S. Nation has teamed up again to bring you the:

Team Championship Trail
You can again participate in a team trail with the potential of going to the Bassmaster Classic!

• Two trails in one
• Great NEBA payouts
• Low B.A.S.S. Team membership fee,($20.00 a Team) includes B.A.S.S. Times
• 100 % of entry fee’s are returned to anglers thru trail and NEBA classic
• For Every 20 Teams in the CBN/NEBA Team Championship Trail we can qualify one team to the Team Championship!
• Road to a Classic berth

For More information please contact: vinnymucci@comcast.net
Or Sylvia Morris: wefish2@att.net

Please see NEBA application & Rules

You must be a member of NEBA of CT.
You must be 16 years of age or older to qualify to fish the BASS team trail

2016 Team Championship Announcement

NEBA 2015 End of Year Meeting Oct 11 Minutes