NEBA of Connecticut

Oct. 26th 2014 NEBA & CBN / NEBA Team Championship Trail Annual Meeting Minutes

16 Teams were present.

Meeting was called to order at 3:30pm after Tournament #6, Ct River by Chuck Caye, Tournament Director.
The President Bob Lizotte was absent due to illness.
Chuck thanked everyone for fishing the Trail this year and hopes to see everyone next year!
He expressed that he is no longer going to be the Tournament Director & Bob Lizotte will no longer be president .
All offices were open to nominations:
Mark Wilkes was nominated for Tournament Director and accepted the nomination.
Angelo Verone was nominated for VP as Mark was VP and wanted to be Tournament Director instead. Angelo accepted the nomination.
John Bourdeau was nominated for Presidnet and he accepted the nomination.
Bill Pease was willing to stay one more year as Treasurer, no one else was nominated.
Sylvia Morris agreed to stay one more year as Secretary, no one else was nominated.
Secretary cast one vote for:
John Bourdeau for President
Angelo Verone for VP
Mark Wilkes for Tournament Director
Bill Pease as Treasurer
Sylvia Morris as Secretary
Sylvia talked about the return of the CBN/NEBA Team Championship Trail for next year. The only change will be instead of $20.00 a Team and $5.00 paid at the ramp at each Tournament, which equaled $30.00 a Team, each Team will pay $50.00 up front and be done with it. The extra 5.00 at each Torunament is monies to help with expenses of the winning CBN/NEBA Team that will travel to Arkansas in Dec for the Championship. This year we raised $945.00!!!!
This year’s winning Team is ABE KALECHMAN and CHRIS PARKER!!!! Congratulations!!!! Good Luck Abe & Chris!!!!
Chuck will get the 2015 Trail posted in the next few weeks.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:55pm

Have a safe and Blessed Holiday season!!!
The NEBA Executive Board,Bob, Mark, Bill, Chuck and Sylvia