NEBA of Connecticut


Jim & Sylvia Morris
Ed Mastriano & Bob Lizzotte
Chuck Caye & Bill Pease
Schmeer & Bourdeau
Rezendes & Knowles
Mohan & Mohan
Mayo & Mayo
Peterson & Peterson
Slavis & Ehrhrardt
Pepe & Garrison
Evans & Liebenthal
Hall & Trajanowski
Kroha & Kroha
Rose & Rose
Neil & Nedobity
Snyder & Vitali
Benner & Klingel
Parker & Kalechman

Meeting called to order at 3:55pm
By Laws were passed out to all in the AM. Bob Lizzotte asked if anyone had any questions on the “Housekeeping” that was done to them. No questions
Motion to accept the 2013 By Laws as written? Motion was made, second, all in favor and passed (Unanimous).
Proposed Changes to NEBA Trail for 2013
Chuck read the changes that the Executive Board has submitted:
1. Make NEBA a 6 tournament trail, Drop the championship and have all teams qualify for the classic through the points system.
2. Raise the entry to $120.00, the first $20 of each entry paid goes towards the classic payouts, and then 80% paid back to field.
(The $20 raise will cover the loss of the $ not raised by the championship)
3. Change the number of boats qualifying for the classic from 10 or 20% of the full field to 10 or 35% of the field.
4. Add a late fee of $20 to any team not having their entry paid in full 14 days prior to the tournament. All late fees go towards classic payouts!

Very little discussion, all understood it, Todd Rose Made a motion to accept the proposed changes as written, second, Mike Rezendes, all in favor, Passed,
Bob Lizotte and Chuck Caye asked if any complaints? Any questions? No reply.
Nominations of officers, Todd Rose nominated the existing officers
They accepted!
Motion was made by Todd Rose to keep the existing officers, second was made by Paul Mayo and the Secretary (Sylvia Morris) cast one vote.

Bob Lizotte- President
Mark Wilkes- Vice President
Sylvia Morris- Secretary
Bill Pease- Treasurer
Chuck Caye- Tournament Director

Thank you to all for your Loyalty to the NEBA of CT Trail!!!!

Have a Blessed, Healthy & Safe Holidays!!!
Your NEBA Executive Board

Sylvia Morris, Secretary NEBA