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2015 Tournament Trail Form in Adobe PDF format

Important Notice

In 2014 we will continue the split LM/SM lunker pool at each tourney. This aligns with our Super Bonus LM/SM pool for the season that is now on the entry form and lunkers for the year. This is your only chance to get in this pool. This pool is season long and pays the big LM and SM for the year. Last year was approximately $320 per fish.

The tournament committee has added two new rules this year regarding fuel storage and refueling:

FUEL/REFUELING – Each team is responsible for insuring they have sufficient fuel to fish the tournament body of water. Refueling will only be permissible from an authorized fuel dispensing location, such as a marina. Taking on additional fuel from any source other than an authorized fuel location shall be grounds for disqualification.

FUEL STORAGE – Fuel can only be dispensed into the boats internal fuel tank or tanks. In the event the boat does not have internal fuel tanks, then external fuel tanks are permissible, BUT they must be properly secured to the boat in such a manner as to remain stable and not interfere with the safe boat operation or fishing. External gas tanks are defined as those tanks where the fuel line clips onto the fuel tank and goes directly to the motor, are properly vented, and either came with the motor or would have come with the motor. GAS CANS OR ANY OTHER CONTAINER CANNOT BE CARRIED ON BOARD OR USED FOR REFUELING ON THE WATER DURING TOURNAMENT HOURS.

WAYPOINTING – This is the practice of setting another competitor’s fishing location on your GPS unit. While this practice is not considered a rules violation, it is a practice that the tournament committee considers to be somewhat of an unsportsmanlike act and is strongly discouraged.
Additionally, the following change has been added as Item 7 to Article 4 of the NEBA bylaws:

NEBA officers and the tournament director have sole discretion over who can operate a boat in NEBA of MA events. NEBA officers or the tournament director may at any time decline a member from operating their boat in an event.

Trail Tee shirts for the 2014 season are on the entry forms to ease ordering and have them ready to go for the first event.

Tournament Fees and payouts will remain on the same scale for the 2014 season $110 + parking/epo fees/lunkers etc... The payout breakdown is in the tourney forms below.

This is a 100% Pre-Pay and no refunds trail. For a standard 2 person team to sign up for all the tourneys, super bonus lunker, T shirts and dues it will cost $730 for the season. Same family teams will be $680.

State Finals:
This event is a 2 Day event and must be fished as a team. If your partner cannot fish it, you can team up with any qualifying NEBA member such as a club member or independent member that has met the 3 event minimum. You cannot fish this event alone or with a sub that has not met the 3 event minimum. A separate entry form will be available later in the year for this event to those who have met the qualifications. There are some ancillary fees with this event usually totaling around $100. The finals location is Lake Winnepasaukee out of Center Harbor on September 5 & 6.

Once we start accepting applications,this is how we will determine who is in for the 2014 events. Teams that fished last year will be given priority with the following caveats. While we will have a 3 event minimum to participate in the state trail and state finals (except for club members), priority will be given to teams wanting to fish all 5 events.

Here is the order in which we will fill the 2014 trail along with the postmark date. Returning members can postdate their checks till April 1st. We will not deposit the checks till after April 1st.

1. Teams that fished 5 events in prior year and sign up for 5 events for current year
2. Teams that fished 3-4 events in prior year and sign up for 5 events for current year
3. New affiliated club teams fishing 5 events for current year
4. New independent teams fishing 5 events for current year
5. Teams that fished 5 events in prior year and sign up for 3-4 events current year
6. Teams that fished 3-4 events in prior year signing up for 3-4 events for current year
7. New or returning affiliated club teams fishing 1-4 events for current year
8. New independent teams fishing 3-4 events for current year

-Dave Sullivan ( President)
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